How Would Scottish Independence Impact the British Monarchy?

In a huge electoral victory in Scotland, the Scottish National Party has secured 65 seats in the Scottish government, giving them a clear majority and allowing them to pursue Scottish independence.

While the idea of my homeland once again becoming a free and independent nation, for the first time since 1707, is very exciting, there are certain aspects of our membership in the United Kingdom that would be a terrible shame to lose.

Under the plan for Scottish independence, Scotland would be a nation once again. The Scottish government would have full responsibility for our economy, education, business, transportation, environmental issues, taxation, foreign affairs, defense, courts and more. Basically, Scotland would go from being something akin to a U.S. state, to being the U.S. in its own right.

As I look through all these possibilities and then look at the specific positions in all these areas, I find I have some agreement and some disagreement. But primary in my mind, in these days following the Royal Wedding, are our strong ties to the monarchy and my concerns about how those will be impacted. The British monarchy is one that is both English and Scottish in nature and history, and has more Scottish connection than English. Our current Queen, Elizabeth II, is a direct descendent of James IV of Scotland, who married into the English line when he married Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, in 1503. If you keep going back you find Robert the Bruce in the 1200s, Duncan I in the 1000s, and Alpin MacEchdach in the 800s. Alpin is Elizabeth II’s 34th great-grandfather.

Bottom line, the British Monarchy is an integral part of Scottish culture, history and world influence. And any move to independence should include this continued connection to 1,300 years of leadership.

And the plans address this area too. And to learn today that the continued role of the Queen as Scottish Head of State, similar to her role in Canada, is part of the Scottish Government’s official policy if independence is secured, is very encouraging.

Now, where’s that job listing for US Ambassador to Scotland…


2 thoughts on “How Would Scottish Independence Impact the British Monarchy?

  1. this country is still run by the large land owners, they are in every position of power in this country, i.e. we are still under feudal rule so unless we become a republic we will never truly have our freedom. keep the queen but just as figer head, but get rid of the dukes & lords ect. give the land to the people who work it . no one family should own hundreds of miles of land, given to them by the royals in the past for helping them stay in power.

    • Thanks Jim. I’ll agree in part. Not too keen on large tracts of land being owned by few people, however I also cannot support taking away land that was legally granted in the past and redistribute it to others.

      Fully believe however that the Queen as head of state is an important part of our culture, and an important part of our government.

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