First, a confession.  I am NOT an Old Testament aficionado.   I love history so I really like reading Genesis through part of Exodus.  Then I like moving from Joshua to Esther.  I tire of Job’s friends so most generally skip to Psalms and love reading Song of Solomon.  From there on it gets dicey.  I have a love/hate relationship with the prophets.  I like reading parts of them, while other parts just…well…yawning is a good word.  I know, I know, a pastor shouldn’t say that! 


But I say that because I want you to get a proper perspective on why it would take a pretty good book on one of the prophetic books to keep me reading.  I am happy to say that this book by Pastor Jerry Marshall (aka “the author” from here on) did just that…

Keep reading over at Cycleguy’s Spin.


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