Why I Just Had To Publish It

I love a good read. I love getting lost in a book and emerging hours later at the end of a well-told story. So when Glynn Young, whom I already knew was an accomplished writer, mentioned about a year and a half ago that he had written a novel, I just had to read it.

After six months of harassment, he finally let me. And I am so glad he did.

I absolutely loved the story. I loved it because the characters had depth. They became real to me as I read the book. I felt myself connecting and identifying with them. I returned to my old stomping grounds in Scotland and England as I moved through the pages. I came back across The Pond to my adopted home country of America as the characters did. I identified with their struggles and pain. I went with Michael, one of the main characters, into Buckingham Palace. I rode with him in the Olympics. I sat and listened as he ministered in America. I felt his pain, his joy, his doubt, his assurance. I was surprised by my own emotional reaction to the events as they unfolded, and how I had to fight to keep those emotions in check. (Being British, it’s just not proper for a grown man to cry over a book. But boy was it hard not to.) I was inspired. I was challenged. The story came to life within my own head, and I finished the book wishing I could actually meet these people who came to life in the pages of Glynn’s book.

And I knew that many others should have this same experience.

So the harassment began again. This time, regarding publishing.

I wanted to publish this book. Just over a year ago, after being published myself back in 2005, I launched my own publishing imprint, Dunrobin Publishing. It is designed to launch books that celebrate “traditional values.” The first launch was my own book, a children’s book I wrote for my own kids, about why we celebrate Easter. The second book was a book by Pastor Jerry Marshall that takes the reader on a journey through the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi.

And now, the third book we have launched is Dancing Priest by Glynn Young. Yes, continual harassment works. And I am almost giddy with excitement. Yes, me, a grown man. A proper British gentleman, is admitting to being almost giddy. Because I love this story. And I know you will too.

You can currently find it on Kindle and NOOK. And it will be coming on iBook shortly, and in paperback everywhere books are sold in January. I hope you will be as impacted by Glynn’s story as I have been!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Why I Just Had To Publish It

  1. I am soooo glad you kept harassing Glynn to get Dancing Priest published! I’m just a third of the way through and find both the story and characters absorbing and engaging. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book simply for the joy of reading. What a gift! Thank you to Glynn for an amazing story and to you for knowing a good thing when you see it and working through the details that all the rest of us might see it too. 🙂 Blessings to you both!

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