The Book’s Out. Time to Relax! NOT!

It’s been a crazy few weeks. And today, our new novel, Dancing Priest, is available everywhere books are sold, in paperback, iBook, NOOK and Kindle. People can buy it around the world. Bookstores can order it in Australia, US, Canada, UK, and the EU.

Time to relax! Time to relax? Um, no!

Time to promote!

Our latest author at Dunrobin Publishing, Glynn Young, is the kind of author I like to work with. He simply wants to tell a story. He’s not looking for fame or fortune, he just wants people to connect with the story he wrote. And it is definitely a story worth connecting with.

But the dilemma I face as a publisher, and he faces as an author, is that in order for people to connect with the story, people have to know the story exists.

So here we go with the crazy rollercoaster known as marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs, press releases, e-mails, phone calls, radio and TV interviews, print pieces, book reviews, comments, and more. They all come into play. They all have to be sought after.

So, if you think the editing, proofing, editing, typesetting, proofing, formatting, printing and distributing seems like a lot of work (which it is) you haven’t seen anything yet.

But you can help. If you like Glynn’s story, you can really help. You can post reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. You can share the link on your Facebook page or via Twitter and encourage your friends to check it out. And if you are a member of the media, Glynn’s a great interview. Just reach me via and we’ll get an interview set up.

And after all that, we’ll get to relax.


Wait, what? A second novel in the Dancing Priest series for summer 2012?!?!

Oh well. When the story is worth telling, the craziness is worth it.


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