Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

A long, long time ago, God decided He would create the world.

He made the world perfect and good.

And He made people.

But God knew that people would one day disobey Him. And when people disobeyed God, God knew that they couldn’t be with Him anymore and their disobedience would need to be punished.

So, before God created the world, He came up with a plan to punish people’s disobedience, and to make a way for them to live with God forever and ever, because He loved the people He created very much.


You can read the rest of this amazing story to your kids when you pick up a copy of my book on Easter, “Why Do We Celebrate Easter?”, available everywhere books and e-books are sold. Visit www.easterbook.us for links. Amazon Prime members can also borrow the book for free on their Kindle.


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