Welcome to Petty Politics or The Curious Case of the Vanishing Yard Signs

Have you seen this sign?

I’m running for school board here in the Windsor School District, just south of St. Louis, MO, USA.

This country has provided such incredible opportunity, and it is my desire to give back. I would actually suggest we all consider running for local office or serving the local community in some capacity. You can read more about why I am running on my “Parents. Kids. Opportunity.” blog post.

So, in the tradition of politicians worldwide, I engaged in the age old practice of putting up yard signs! First, it seems quite strange seeing your name on signs all over the place. Second, it seems one of my opponents doesn’t appreciate my name being all over the place.

Yes, a whole bunch of signs are gone. And it took some commitment for sure, as they were placed at 11:30pm last night. By early this morning, they had vanished.

Yes. Gone. Vanished. Not a sign in sight. I even contacted our local subdivision board to make sure they hadn’t removed them and there were some rules that I was not aware of. I got an e-mail back almost immediately from one of the people who work hard to keep our subdivision a great place to live, and, no, the board nor anyone representing the subdivision had removed the signs. They also suspected some underhanded activity by one of the other candidates.

And we all got along so well at the recent candidate forum.

The good things is, if the candidate who took all the signs shows this level of commitment should he or she win in the election, we’re going to get a lot of hard work out of them.

The problem is, however, apparently it will be hard work without any ethical constraints.


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