St. Louis Post Dispatch Should Be Ashamed Of Their Editorial on Voter ID

UPDATE 4/4/12 @8:50am: The Post did print an edited version of my letter to the editor. You can see it here.

Yesterday, the St. Louis Post Dispatch published an editorial. They publish them quite often. But this one, titled “It’s pitch perfect that Voter ID measure tossed as a fraud,” was a most vicious attack on those of us who value intergrity in elections, combined with some red herrings and straw men. I wrote them a nice letter, but I’ll be surprised if they print it.

So for your reading pleasure on this local election day in Missouri, here it is:

Dear Post-Dispatch Editorial Board,

I read your recent editorial, “It’s pitch perfect that Voter ID measure tossed as a fraud,” with a rising level of disgust for the level of vitriolic, divisive rhetoric it used. As a news organization, you should be embarrassed to allow such tripe to be printed as the opinion of your paper.

Your statement about legal immigrants being denied their right to vote is absurd and juvenile. I am a legal immigrant, and the last thing a legal immigrant is going to misplace is proof of citizenship. Mine is actually framed. I’ve also been listening to a local radio show who has been asking people without an ID to call in. Months of requests. Zero calls.

This rhetoric attributed to your paper is something you should be ashamed of. In any country, it is important to ensure the intergrity of every election. First step in doing so, is making sure people only vote once, they have the legal right to vote, and they stop voting after they die. The easiest way to do that is to ask for goverment issued ID, and if they don’t have one to make sure they are able to get one.

Seems like common sense to me…

And if you want to learn more about judges behaving badly, check out the Kindle version of “Judicial Tyranny: The New Kings of America?” $2.99 well spent.


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