The Hunger Games: A Real World Life and Death Battle

Back in May, I had the absolute pleasure of spending time and having some deep conversations with some amazing people from a variety of walks of life. The conversations were incredible, focused on sustainability and the difference people can make in the lives of others, and these men and women were inspiring.

Nick Aster, CEO of, Marsha Diamond with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. Jim Carrington, head of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union, Jonathan Berger with the Consumer Goods Forum, Andre Guimareaes of Conservation International Brazil, and many others had many powerful things to say.

But there was one man, with whom I must have talked for more than two hours, who was the most inspiring of them all.

Ambassador Tony Hall.

Ambassador Hall is the kind of man who leaves you inspired to make a difference…

Keep reading the rest of my reflections over at Monsanto’s Beyond the Rows blog.


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