Ben Bernanke Linkedin Scam?

2df0a97Like many users of Linkedin, I take a look at the visitors to my profile on a daily basis to see who took the time to “stop by and visit.” Today was no different, and as I jumped over to the results I was stunned to see that an account under the name of Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, had visited my profile.

So, even though I was a wee bit skeptical that this was “the Ben Bernanke,” I sent a connection invitation, which was almost immediately accepted.

Followed by a Linkedin message.

Are you in need of financial help?, you need a loan for your business or to solve other monetary issues.We offer loans with a very low interest rate of 2% for a minimum of 10 years, Interested applicants should submit their request via email for immediate processing with the information listed below: 
Names in full: 
Phone Number: 
Amount Required: 
Loan Duration: 
Poor Credit history is not a barrier” 
We give out the following category of loan listed below: 
* Platinum packaged loan (USD30,000,000.00) 
* Gold packaged loan (USD20,000,000.00) 
* Premium packaged loan (USD10,000,000.00) 
* Large Scale business loan (USD1,000,000.00) 
* Mortgage Loan (USD500,000.00) 
* Small scale business Loan (USD200,000.00) 
* Venture Capital (USD100,000.00) 
* Equipment Loan (USD50,000.00) 
* Consumer Loan (USD20,000.00) 
* Student Loan (USD10,000.00) 
In acknowledgment to these details, I will send you a well calculated Terms and Conditions for the amount you require. 
Please send your reply to my private email: 
Warm Regards, 
Ben Bernanke 

Yes, my friends, this is a scam. Once again, nefarious individuals, who are looking to part idiots and their money, are looking for you.

First, the odds that Ben Bernanke is out browsing Linkedin and offering large loans is minuscule. Second, the e-mail lacks a personalized greeting. Third, the word usage and grammar usage indicates the writer is not fluent in English or the rules of English grammar.

You can view “Ben Bernanke’s” profile on Linkedin at

So consider yourself warned.

Now, if a marine biologist wants to buy your car, sight unseen, using MoneyGram, and all they want you to do is pay for the shipper upfront before they release the money to you…


One thought on “Ben Bernanke Linkedin Scam?

  1. Chairman Ben just contacted me via LI asking me to call him about “something we need to discuss”.

    Curiously he shares the US phone number of a company called Hispanic Diplomatic Delivery, whose website lists no physical addresses but does provide US, UK and Ghana phone numbers.

    I LI’d back and told him that if his intended discussion involves my bank details then I am not interested.

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