Howard Phillips, 1941-2013

HowardPhillipsPhotoThis week, I received some very sad news. A political giant in the US, and someone I was honored to call my friend, passed away.

Howard Phillips.

He walked in the hallways of power, and left because he was committed to principle over politics.

He loved his family, and sought to raise them in the fear and love of God.

He sacrificed often, in order to invest and fight for the future of the nation he loved.

He was humble, and always made the others in the room feel like they were more important.

He was one of the brightest, most intelligent men I have known, and was a powerful and eloquent speaker.

Words cannot express the impact he had on me personally. He will be missed. And he leaves behind a legacy.

Thank you Howard. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your example. Thank you for your friendship.

In honor of Howard Phillips, the book we worked on together, Judicial Tyranny, will be free on Kindle for the rest of this week.


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