Social Media Giving Day Momentum Builds

rally-givverSocial media gives everyone an opportunity to be heard.  From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, there are a variety of social tools available.  However, Twitter is one such network that pays tribute to our already short attention spans and is fast becoming a commonly used tool in all aspects of our society.  In 140 characters or less, people attempt to shout into the wind and make a difference with their opinion. But that’s not all this social network is good for these days.

Today, more than 32 percent of Internet users are on Twitter, with the largest concentration located in the US. One million new accounts are started every day, there were 175 million tweets sent each day of 2012, and if you go back to the dawn of Twitter time, there have been more than 163 billion tweets sent.

Politicians are active on Twitter, campaigning, connecting, responding, debating, and kissing babies, all in140 characters. In fact, President Obama’s victory tweet was re-tweeted a record 800,000 times.

Marketers are generating leads, reporters are researching stories, and companies and non-profits are connecting with their supporters and detractors on a daily basis – All on Twitter.

And now, thanks to the creativity of a St. Louis-based team, Twitter is becoming a powerful tool to impact charities with much more than opinions. People can give money to the charities or causes that matter most to them, with one simple tweet.

The tool is called Givver…


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