How to Use Twitter to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

feedingamericaToday, the world grieves with those impacted by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. The damage is immense and the loss of life is severe. And the country begins to reach out to help those touched by this disaster by sending teams, food, and more.

And for those of us who followed the disaster as it unfolded via Twitter, we can also make a difference in the lives of the people in Oklahoma by donating to help them directly via Twitter.

I’ve covered the new charity fundraising tool, Givver, a number of times in the past. And one of the charities sending truckloads of food to Oklahoma is Feeding America. Feeding America accepts donations via Twitter using Givver.

You can sign up to use Givver at For those of us who already use Givver, we can simply tweet #Give $(an amount) @FeedingAmerica and our donation will be put to immediate use to help the families in Oklahoma have food to eat in the midst of this disaster.

It’s time we all made social media matter, and by supporting Feeding America at this time we can all make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. You can sign up at or


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