The History Behind a Royal Name

Kate-William-Holding-Baby-Lindo-Wing-Georgina-Brewer-ITVToday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their son’s name would be George Alexander Louis. He will be known as Prince George of Cambridge.

But what is the history behind those choices? As a Brit, I’ve been tied to history my whole life. We know of the ancient Celts, and the foundations of Britain. The Battle of Hastings in 1066, when William the Conqueror defeated King Harold, is common knowledge. William Wallace is well known north of the River Tweed, yet seemingly never mentioned to the south, in England. Kings of old, ancient battles, modern industrial invention, World Wars, and more. They are all intricately tied to what it is to be British, and have thousands of years of history as an island nation.

So, when a royal baby is named, it behooves one to take a look, and try to ascertain the connection between the present and the past, and potentially the future.

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