Being a Prince: Every Kid’s Guide to Prince William


I’m working on crowdfunding my next book, as I need to purchase a large amount of Royal photos for this one. It’s a great book, about Prince William, and using his public record of volunteerism and service as an example to kids everywhere. Just like “Being a Blue Angel,” this book is designed to inspire kids to make positive choices and choose a life of ongoing service, whether as a volunteer or as a full-time profession. It also encourages being respectful to parents, getting along with siblings and other positive choices that Prince William has emulated during his life thus far.

The title is “Being a Prince: Every Kid’s Guide to Prince William” and it uses a similar layout and format as “Being a Blue Angel: Every Kid’s Guide to the Blue Angels.” If you could support this work, I would be incredibly grateful. Levels of support range from $10 for an advanced copy of the book, to $5000 for co-author status for you or your favorite kid.

The best thing is it is an all-or-nothing campaign. So, if I don’t manage to raise the money needed, your donation won’t be charged.

I hope you can help. Please visit for more details and to donate.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Yours Aye,



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