Get an Advanced Copy of “Being a Prince: Every Kid’s Guide to Prince William”

In celebration of the Royal Birth, Dunrobin Publishing has commissioned the publication of Being A Prince: Every Kid’s Guide to Prince William.

The book will be a must have for every child and family interested in the British Royal Family. This will be the first of it’s kind, providing insight into the life and duties of Prince William, showing how he is truly a role model and how children can emulate the solid character and example of Prince William.

However, to produce this book at the quality it needs to be, Dunrobin Publishing has requested professional photographs of the Royal Family taken by one of the world’s top photographers. And the photos have to be purchased, costing hundreds of GBP each.

Yet, all is not lost. If you’ve ever dreamed of the most unique gift ever for your child, or even yourself, this is it. Depending on the level of support you give, you or your child could be included in the thank you page of the book, or even as a signatory on the letter that will accompany the book that will be sent to Prince William.

So, take a moment, be a part of the future of the British monarchy, and be a part of the ongoing, positive example Prince William is having on the entire world. You can order your advanced copy via a pledge at


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