It’s Smashing When Your Adopted Hometown Mirrors Your Home Country

In my much younger, non-legal, and less wise years, I drank my first Budweiser, standing outside a corner shop in downtown Farnborough, England, just a few miles from London. The can I was drinking from proudly declared it was made in St. Louis, Missouri.

Looking back, this was my introduction to the town that has become my adopted hometown. Probably not the introduction today’s regional leaders would be looking for, but an introduction nonetheless. St. Louis, Missouri, situated in the heart of America, overlooking the mighty Mississippi, and a vibrant center of commerce and entrepreneurship in what some people, to their loss, would call “fly-over country.” And, as an expat involved in the entrepreneur and tech startup scene, this region’s rich business history might just bode some good things for the future of both the US and the UK.

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